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Independent medical examination (IME) –
worker-requested medical examination (WRME) for providers

Health care providers can perform independent medical examinations, worker requested medical exams, or both once they complete a director-approved training and are placed on the director's list of authorized IME providers.


Complete one of the following IME trainings:

Review the Guide to Providing Independent Medical Examinations

Attend a director-approved training course by an independent source

Request the Independent Medical Examination DVD


By completing the IME Provider application you are agreeing to comply with the following:

The standards of professional conduct of your licensing board or the guidelines of conduct published in OAR 436-010 Appendix C

The Oregon workers' compensation laws and rules

Authorized trainers:

Approved trainers

How to become a director-approved trainer

Authorized list:

IME/WRME provider list

Occupational and Physical Therapists special PCE/WCE notice


Form: Invasive procedure

Brochure: Important information about Independent Medical Exams for workers | Spanish

Guide: Worker-requested medical exam guide

Handout: Hassle-free worker-requested medical exams



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