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Welcome, and thank you for attending the 2019 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference. 

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from the International Workers’ Compensation Foundation, this conference brings the workers’ compensation community together to learn important information about the workers’ compensation community and its systems. 

WCD’s mission remains the same – to advance a leading workers’ compensation system that represents integrity and fairness for Oregonians.

We help ensure timely and appropriate medical treatment and wage replacement benefits for injured workers, while helping keep costs and burdens low for employers.

The workers’ compensation system is about workers and employers. This means that we should all have the same purpose, which is to maintain and improve the integrity of the system. It is up to each of us to support that effort. 

This conference provides tools and resources to help accomplish that purpose and to enhance Oregon’s workers’ compensation success story. This is why our stakeholders’ involvement and feed back continues to be key to our success in the Oregon’s workers’ compensation system. For that reason, we must continue to work on industry outreach.

Therefore, if we haven’t met before, please introduce yourself. This is a perfect opportunity for us to network and build on our workers’ compensation achievements. 

If there is anything we can do to improve the conference or to better meet your needs, please let us know. 

Thank you for attending our conference and making a positive difference for Oregon workers and their employers.

Lou Savage, Administrator, Workers’ Compensation Division

2020 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference


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