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About us


“To advance a leading workers’ compensation system that represents integrity and fairness for Oregonians.”

Who we are

The Workers’ Compensation Division administers and regulates laws and rules that affect the participants in the Oregon workers’ compensation system, including workers, employers, insurers, claims examiners, attorneys, medical providers, and others.  Workers’ compensation payroll and premium assessments, fees, and investment income fund our services. WCD is part of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon’s largest business regulatory and consumer protection agency.

How we serve you

  • Enforcing workers’ compensation insurance coverage laws so that employers maintain coverage for their subject workers. 
  • Ensuring that injured workers receive timely and accurate benefits and quality medical care. 
  • Facilitating injured workers’ early return to work through incentive programs to employers. 
  • Providing consultation, training, and technical assistance to workers, employers, insurers, claims examiners, attorneys, medical providers, and others.
  • Administering and overseeing the Workers’ Benefit Fund programs.


  • Community: We serve by building positive relationships and working together to improve outcomes.
  • Integrity: We tell the truth and honor commitments.
  • Respect: We encourage and value all perspectives.
  • Adaptability: We initiate change and respond to the needs of our community.
  • Accountability: We use public resources ethically and responsibly.
  • Expertise: We strive to learn and grow to achieve better performance.


Sally Coen

Sally Coen was appointed the Workers’ Compensation Division administrator in August 2020. Coen began with the division in 1988 and has held several different positions. She worked in administrative and technical positions, managed the Sanctions and Field Audit staff, and served as the division’s deputy administrator since 2016. Coen also served as the acting administrator for the division since November 2019. Coen has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Willamette University and serves in her hometown of Independence as a planning commissioner for the city.

Sally Coen
WCD Administrator

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