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Workplace posting requirements

Notice of Compliance posters (Form 1188) must be visibly posted at the client’s premises, in sufficient numbers to ensure workers are informed about their workers’ compensation coverage. The client employer is responsible to post this notice.  

If the worker leasing company (professional employer organization/PEO) provides the workers’ compensation coverage for the client, the client must get the posters from the PEO. The PEO will order as many posters as needed upon filing a Worker Leasing Notice to establish the client’s proof of coverage with the Workers’ Compensation Division.

If the client provides the coverage, the division will automatically send posters directly to the client when the carrier files the coverage with the Workers’ Compensation Division. PEOs and clients must ensure all postings accurately display the client’s coverage and that posters displaying PEO coverage information are removed from the premises when the PEO/client relationship ends.

888-877-5670 (toll-free)

Daniella Sayer: 503-428-8443

Sabrina Wright​: 971-283-6819

Worker leasing notices, terminations, and update notices
Fax notices to: 503-947-7820
Candice Blanchard: 503-947-7675

List of licensed worker leasing companies​​​​​​​​
Independent contractors​​​​