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Workers’ compensation insurance overview

Who needs coverage?

As with most no-fault insurance, workers’ compensation is fair only if it applies to all workers and employers. Today, Oregon requires most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. If you employ workers in Oregon, you probably need workers’ compensation coverage. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I an employer?

If you pay someone to work for you and you are in charge, or have the right to direct and control how the work is done, that worker is probably your employee. If you believe the worker is an independent contractor, see our independent contractor page for more information. 

Do I have a worker?

If you pay someone to provide services, even if the pay is in exchange for something of value, the person being paid is a worker.

Is my worker a subject worker?

Every worker in Oregon is a subject worker unless the worker falls under an exemption. In Oregon, there are about 30 exemptions and most are in Oregon law.

Am I a subject employer?

If you are an employer with one or more subject workers, you must purchase an Oregon workers' compensation policy. The insurer will file proof of coverage on your behalf.

​​​Help with workers’ compensation insurance
Workers’ Compensation Division
888-877-5670 (toll-free)

Business Identification Number

Employer coverage indexing

Small Business Ombudsman for Workers’ Compensation​​​​​​​

Active and Inactive Self-Insured Employers​​​​