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Independent medical exams (IME)

Independent medical examinations

Independent medical examinations (IMEs) are mandatory medical examinations with doctors chosen by the insurer. Workers’ compensation benefits may be stopped if you fail to attend these examinations. The insurer can only require you to attend three IMEs in each open period of a claim. Invasive procedures cannot be performed without your consent, and your benefits cannot be reduced or stopped if you decline invasive procedures. The insurer pays all costs of an IME.

More information about independent medical examinations

To file a complaint or provide feedback about your independent medical exam, take this survey. If you have already taken the survey and want to file a complaint, email or call 503-947-7606.

Worker-requested medical examinations

If your claim was denied based on an independent medical examination (IME), and your doctor (attending physician) does not concur with the IME report, you may be eligible to request a medical examination by a doctor chosen by the Workers’ Compensation Division. You must appeal your denied claim in writing to the insurer within 60 days of the denial. Send a written request for an exam to the division and the insurer.

More information about worker-requested medical examinations


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