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Vocational assistance

The workers’ compensation insurance carrier provides vocational assistance to help injured workers return to suitable employment after an on-the-job injury.

Individuals who provide vocational assistance must be certified by the Workers’ Compensation Division and on the staff of a registered provider, insurer, or self-insured employer. The division expects registered vocational assistance providers and certified individuals to meet the following standards:

  • Determine eligibility and provide assistance in an objective manner
  • Fully inform the worker of the categories and kinds of vocational and re-employment assistance available
  • Document all case activities in legible file notes or reports
  • Provide only vocationally relevant information about workers in written and oral reports
  • Recommend workers only for suitable employment
  • Keep the worker fully informed of all activities

Certification and registration

To certify, individuals must complete and turn in Form 1880 to WCD (with each certification and each renewal). There are three types of vocational certifications available:

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