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Audit information

What is the Audit Team?

The Workers’ Compensation Division Audit Team develops and conducts performance audits of insurance companies and self-insured employers for the following reasons:

  • To ensure compliance with claim processing statutes and rules
  • To gather data on industry performance
  • To provide industry training in low-performing claim processing areas

These audits include the annual audits of claims processing and benefits payment timeliness and the focused audits on specific claims processing performance areas.

The Audit Team also develops and conducts audits of records of insurance companies, self-insured employers, and assigned claims processing agents. The team does this to validate expenditures from the Workers’ Benefit Fund and require necessary monetary adjustments associated with the fund's programs that help injured workers.

Tips on claim processing

The Audit Team has developed the following tip sheets to help insurers comply with Oregon’s claim processing standards:

Temporary Disability Checklist
Timely First Payment of Temporary Disability

Prior audit results

All insurer audits include all Oregon insurers with auditable activity. Selected insurer audits are primarily re-audits of insurers with performance below standards in the prior audit year. Other insurers may be selected, such as those new to Oregon, or those with other performance issues. 

All insurers

Selected insurers

COVID-19 Denied Claims Audit

Employer-at-Injury Program

2004-2006 compliance audit

2007-2010 compliance audit summary

Vocational rehabilitation eligibility evaluation pilot audit

Visit self-reported quarterly claims processing performance for information provided by insurers and self-insured employers.

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Barb Belcher:​ 503-947-7687
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Receive updates to audit information

Annual audit methodology
Focused audit methodology​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​